What happened to karl lagerfeld's cat after he died?

The fluffy beauty is now in the care of Lagerfeld's former housekeeper, Francoise Cacote. After her death, it was left in the hands of the designer's caretaker, Françoise Caçote, who stopped working to dedicate her time to caring for her. The former creative director of Chanel, Lagerfeld acquired Choupette from the French model Baptiste Giabiconi, who, incidentally, will inherit 30 percent of Lagerfeld's several hundred million euros. The night of the death of Chanel's boss, Karl Lagerfeld, his beloved cat Choupette spent a relaxing evening watching The Bachelor, having no idea of the tragedy that was about to happen to him.

Perhaps the only thing certain after the death of fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld at age 85 on Tuesday is that his beloved cat Choupette, a celebrity in her own right, will continue to live the comfortable lifestyle to which she grew accustomed under his care. The beloved cat of Chanel boss Karl Lagerfeld, Choupette, disappeared from sight after her death today two years ago. The cat of the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has yet to receive his inheritance of 1.3 million pounds more four years after his death, which means that the feline has not yet been able to retire.