Why does karl lagerfeld wear sunglasses all the time?

He considered that his glasses had prevented him from losing an eye. Since then, he has used it regularly. For many fashion fanatics, the immortalized image of the late Karl Lagerfeld will always consist of his white ponytail, high-neck shirts and his exclusive black sunglasses. In 1983, Karl Lagerfeld joined Chanel as its chief artistic director, fashion designer and put on the uniform of a black jacket, black tie and white shirt with a high collar.

With his entire head covered by his iconic white hair, the designer changed his signature suit to an elegant black turtleneck sweater in the style of Steve Jobs at Karl Lagerfeld's Spring-Summer 2002 ready-to-wear fashion show. Karl Lagerfeld wore a simple black suit when he received first prize in the coat category at the Paris Fashion Design Competition on December 11, 1954. He called Pippa Middleton ugly, Adele fat and Lana del Rey false, and now Karl Lagerfeld has even dedicated himself to insulting potential clients.