What is the longevity of creed aventus?

Projection and longevity rating After extensive testing, I rate Creed Aventus's performance as low to moderate. Aventus projects outside the skin for the first 2 hours, then stays closer for 4 more hours. So, expect about 6 hours of total duration with this. Aventus has consistently lasted 8 to 9 hours on my skin over the years.

It's a scent that works quite well, in every way. The Creed Aventus cologne is ideal for spring and summer. Men can spray this lighter version all day long and it will last decently during their activities, with moderate sebum. Erwin Creed has some notable perfumes under his belt, such as Acqua Fiorentina, Aventus 10th Anniversary and Love in Black.

Creed Aventus maintains the woody scent and enunciates with touches of jasmine, rose, labdanum and ambergris. As for Aventus, which some might see as a clone of Creed Aventus Cologne, its distinctive masculine scent with complex layers of bright, sour and sweet fruits with clean flowers earned it a strong rating.