Is creed aventus an expensive fragrance?

As is the case with most luxury brands, there are cheaper brands that manufacture products at the same time, but the price is due to the name and the notoriety that comes from wearing or using it. Creed cologne is very expensive because it has been using the rarest ingredients for centuries to create unique and exotic scents. Their perfumes and glass bottles are all handmade and meet strict manufacturing standards to ensure superior quality. Exceptional quality is one of the reasons why House of Creed charges a premium for its perfume collection.

Another is that they carefully control the distribution of their fragrances around the world and only supply their products to authorized perfume resellers. Creed manufactures many of its perfumes using a traditional input technique, a process that other major brands in the modern perfumery industry now consider to be too expensive to maintain, but allows Creed to maintain the superior quality and authenticity of its fragrances. Last but not least, perhaps the best way to find out if you're buying a fake Creed Aventus is the price. As much as Creed invested in the Aventus fragrance, it also invested in the presentation of the perfume.

The best Creed Aventus clones currently on the market are Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man and Montblanc Explorer. Aventus is expensive because it's made to be a luxury fragrance and not only do you pay for the scent, but you also pay to be able to use Creed. The only difference is that it smells a little more synthetic at the opening and never reaches the full depth like the Aventus does; it usually sticks more to the pineapple while Aventus kicks it out. Creed Aventus left its mark on the industry as the king of controversy, polarizing quality and the subject of many controversies.

Overall, Creed Aventus smells of a dry, musky and fruity scent, and definitely represents the masterpiece of perfumery. The most important thing to know here is that Creed Aventus never comes in plastic packaging. For example, Creed's best seller, Aventus, combines the highest quality ingredients with top notes of bergamot and pineapple with middle notes of apple, rose and dried birch. In general, this is what Creed Aventus smells like, but keep in mind that some notes are stronger in some batches and that opening and drying also vary.

Creed Aventus is still a very good fragrance and if you want to preserve a part of the story one day in the future, a bottle of this beautiful fragrance will undoubtedly serve that purpose. Since Creed Aventus is unique in many ways and a lot of people want to know more about it, I've done this in-depth review so you can know everything about it.