What is the substitute for carolina herrera perfume?

Floratta Red: this one by Boticario overlaps a lot with Carolina Herrera's perfume, particularly in the floral notes. The tuberose, the orange blossom and the jasmine are all here. With that you also have a fruity note and a base with the sweetness of chocolate and amber. The Good Girl Perfume fragrance is a line of fragrances designed by Carolina Herrera for modern women of all ages.

Co offers a range of fragrances similar to those of some popular designer perfumes, including Carolina Herrera's Good Girl perfume. There are options to buy Good Girl perfumes by Carolina Herrera and others that are available exclusively in the UK. This fragrance ends up being too similar to that of Carolina Herrera and other Nardo perfumes without a strong presence of iris and heliotrope. This perfume contains more citrus fruits and lavender, since it is actually the secondary layers during the development of the perfume that resemble those of Carolina Herrera.

Co is an exotic floral oriental eau de parfum from the renowned brand Carolina Herrera that currently sells Dossier.