How does versace perfume smell like?

Smells the gorgeous mix of rose, jasmine leaf and bergamot. These ingredients make the perfume extraordinary and irresistible. As if that wasn't enough, Versace made the middle notes smell even better by using hints of raspberry, plum, lotus and cedar. Finally, musk and amber bring sensuality to the scent.

The Versace Bright Crystal perfume is a floral and fruity scent for women with touches of musk and amber. It's ideal for a Versace professional woman at work or for someone having a date on a summer night. This Versace perfume is for those men who want something light and sophisticated, but not overwhelming. To choose your signature scent, read the notes of each perfume before trying it on, as trying too many perfumes can confuse your senses.

The middle notes of this Versace perfume are almost entirely floral and contain notes of guava, jasmine, cassis and freesia. The Versace Eros perfume is a seductive fragrance with a balance of citrus and woody notes that make it an everyday choice. A large, oval-shaped gem cap also provides the elegance that Versace customers are used to and makes the bottle stand out among the other best-smelling floral perfumes for women that you might be used to. The Versace Bright Crystal 90 ml perfume is an excellent summer scent that smells of yuzu, pomegranate, magnolia and lotus.

So if you're thinking of buying a Versace perfume for yourself or giving it to someone special, keep reading our post to see the most popular ones. The Versace Versense by Gianni Versace, a scent for windy summer days, comes from Mediterranean gardens. So I'm going to share with you some tips on how to choose a Versace perfume that's right for you. The 90 ml bottle of Versace Bright Crystal perfume comes in a simple degraded box that goes from pink to white and hints at the pomegranate fragrance of the perfume.

Okay, if I have to give my opinion on which Versace perfume is the best, it's going to be a difficult choice, because they're all great.