Who made karl lagerfeld sunglasses?

LEGENDARY ALLURE Marchon Eyewear launches Karl Lagerfeld eyewear. Now we have a pair online that offer that famous all-black, deep rectangular Karl Lagerfeld look, and these tones have so much staying power that you can wear them season after season, year after year. The Karl Lagerfeld brand is everything he believes fashion should be: a collection of accessible clothing, bags, shoes and accessories that have been designed for the here and now. Also in the photo below, we can see Karl Lagerfeld without glasses, simply posing with scissors over one eye. With his entire head covered by his iconic white hair, the designer changed his signature suit to an elegant black turtleneck sweater in the style of Steve Jobs at Karl Lagerfeld's Spring-Summer 2002 ready-to-wear fashion show.

You also couldn't see Karl Lagerfeld without black glasses because I thought they were like portable eyeshadows. In addition to his firm black glasses, Karl Lagerfeld completed his style with gloves and collars that reached almost to the chin. Obviously, we could see Karl Lagerfeld without glasses in his early days in fashion, in particular when he was working for the couturier Jean Patou in the 1950s in a young striped suit without a ponytail. You never see Karl Lagerfeld without sunglasses, and over the years, all-black tones have become an iconic part of his style, instantly recognizable.

Through Fendi and Chloé, whose Céline Roland Opticien Lunetier has selected the most beautiful models of sunglasses for you, as well as Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has always left his visionary, innovative and elegant mark on his creations. In 1983, Karl Lagerfeld joined Chanel as its chief artistic director, fashion designer and put on the uniform of a black jacket, black tie and white shirt with a high collar. Over the years, KARL LAGERFELD eyewear has grown as part of the ongoing success of its parent brand, and has increasingly participated in partnerships and special projects that perfectly capture the brand's DNA. Karl Lagerfeld wore a simple black suit when he received first prize in the coat category at the Paris Fashion Design Competition on December 11, 1954. It was in the late 1970s that Karl Lagerfeld began wearing his sunglasses in each of his public appearances.