Are there any new releases from calvin klein perfumes?

Then, I saw that Calvin Klein had released a new fragrance, Eternity Intense, and I thought I could try it too. Now, CK scents are a mix for me, some smell good and work well, while others just don't work. I like the original Eternity, so I thought it might be a welcome addition to the lineup. In this post, I want to give my impressions of this cologne, what it smells like, how it works and if I think it's worth buying or not.

The perfumers Jacques Huclier and Laurent Le Guernec reinvented the original Calvin Klein Eternity compositions for men and women respectively, with fruitier and fresher notes, emblematic of summer. Overall, if you need an affordable option for the warmer months, Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein is a solid performance option that will do the job. To create this overwhelmingly feminine scent, Calvin Klein used numerous floral applications, such as the sambac of Turkish roses and jasmine, heated with sandalwood and cashmere to cause a general romantic sensation that is very reminiscent of the poetic sunset, a romantic motif from the earliest times. Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Daze for men is a fruity eau de toilette with brilliant ocean notes, a tangerine top note that leads to a lavender heart and a minty wood base.

Walking through a department store, I made my regular visit to the fragrance counters and saw a Calvin Klein exhibition with a men's fragrance that I hadn't tried yet. Intense and multifaceted, the Eternity fragrance for men is full of an aromatic blend of organic lavender oil and spearmint oil, inspired by the original Calvin Klein Eternity fragrance. There are many colognes with serious performance problems or that adopt completely different vibrations in different environments, but this Calvin Klein fragrance always seems consistent. Calvin Klein presents CK One Summer Daze, the brand's latest expression at the core of the CK One fragrance.

CK One is part of the unisex fragrances that Calvin Klein has launched and is the most popular of all. After having achieved great success among its male target audience with the previous release of Eternity Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum, Calvin Klein decided to take it to a higher level with a richer and more intense version of this perfume, slightly tempered with notes to create a stronger and more lasting interpretation of Eternity for those who prefer their scent to have that “on the face” attitude. With that in mind, I wanted to create a list of the best Calvin Klein colognes for men, and the list ended with 7 fragrances.