Are you supposed to spray perfume on your skin or clothes?

Do not spray perfume on clothes Spray perfume directly on the skin, not on clothes, because the fragrance may leave some stains. Make sure that your perfume dries on your skin and only then put on your clothes. You can also apply your perfume to the points on the wrist, which are not covered by clothing. Your skin provides the perfect canvas for your favorite scent.

For a perfume to truly untangle in the most divine way, it needs a suitable medium to take hold, says Matthew Milèo, chemist, former in-house fragrance expert at Chanel and founder of the luxury oil-based skin care line, Milèo New York. The lipophilic (oil-absorbing) properties of the skin make it the perfect medium for perfume oils to adhere to. He goes on to add that the warmth of the skin initiates the fraying process and that the scent is freely expressed. Does perfume really expire? We asked professional fragrance creators.

The best perfumes come in small packages. As precious as it may be, perfume must be consumed at a rapid rate. Spray perfume on cotton yarns. Spray your favorite perfume on a few cotton or cashmere threads and place them in the drawers of your clothes and lingerie.