What is armaf a clone of?

Armaf is one of the most popular clone houses. Armaf began as a company that produced high-quality perfume bottles for designer brands in the Middle East. Over time, they expanded their operations to also create perfumes for these brands, which laid the foundation for their future success. To my amusement, I found out about the launch of Club de Nuit Blue Iconic by Armaf, which obviously clones Bleu de Chanel.

At this point, it's no surprise that Armaf knows how to clone perfumes and even increase their performance. Unfortunately, Delina has a very high price and, if you want Her Majesty, you have to spend the right amount or you can try the Armaf clone, the Nuit White Imperiale Club. Like Milestone, Armaf Sillage is inspired by another fragrance, this time, Creed Silver Mountain Water (SMW). However, I must say that I have been waiting for the Armaf clone for Baccarat Rouge for a long time.

The Armaf Derby Club House Blanche men's perfume reminds me of Silver Mountain Water Creed for women and men. More experienced fans may argue about the synthetic feel or its lower quality, however, because of its price, performance and good reception, I think Armaf is one of the best values you can find for your money. The men's Club de Nuit Intense by Armaf shook the foundations of the world of perfumery, which not only cloned this type of perfume (the Aventus de Creed), but also boosted performance, considering it one of the best magnets of praise. The truth is that I haven't tried it, but it's already on my wish list, because I think that if Armaf could clone Bleu de Chanel combined with the beastly performance of Armaf, this could be one of the best releases of all time.

That's why I can't wait to get hold of the combination of saffron, ambergris and cedar that would imitate the Baccarat Rouge 540 in the style of Armaf. The Armaf Club De Nuit perfume for women reminds me of Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette Chanel for women. I can't wait to see what Armaf will launch next, as this design brand is quickly becoming one of my favorites.