What was karl lagerfeld inspired by?

The Siamese cat influenced Lagerfeld and created a soft, but not furry, knitted haute couture bag. Design was the basis of Karl's life; for him, expressing his inexhaustible creativity was an intrinsic need. However, his career in fashion happened somewhat by accident, since he originally planned to become an illustrator. By chance, he participated in the 1954 International Woolmark Prize when he was just 21 years old and won first place for his sketch of a coat, which launched his career instantly.

For the next 65 years, fashion continued to be the center of his work, although he continuously explored various areas of design. This was driven by an unrelenting mind and limitless sources of inspiration, from people and places to art and pop culture.

Karl Lagerfeld

spent more than six decades as a fashion designer helping to define and popularize brands such as Fendi and Chanel. Twelve years later, the former editor of T-Magazine magazine, Stefano Tonchi, reflects on a unique scrapbook he once received from Karl Lagerfeld.

Thanks to talent, longevity and great productivity, Karl Lagerfeld may have done more than any other designer to shape the look of the late 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. Considering the impact that Karl Lagerfeld had on the fashion world, it's surprising to hear Stefano Tonchi say that he rarely thought of his friend as a fashion designer. Behind the dark sunglasses, the polished suit and the flawless hair behind the international fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld was an incredible human being. Karl Lagerfeld was loved and respected in the fashion world and beyond, and was a source of inspiration for many fashion designers, models, creative directors and many more.

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