Is creed aventus a woody scent?

Discover House of Creed's warm, rich and luxuriously sensual woody fragrances, including the unique scent of the original vetiver and the classic cult Eau de Parfums for men, Green Irish Tweed and Aventus for him.

Creed Aventus

cologne is a woody citrus fragrance that contains notes of mandarin orange, pink pepper, ginger, vetiver, birch and musk. You could go so far as to call it a perfect fragrance for summer. That juicy tangerine note cries out to be applied in the heat.

However, it will also work pleasantly at moderate temperatures. It smells like Vibrant Leather or another good Aventus clone, but of better quality because it's still made by Creed. A sweeter, more wearable and improved version of the Aventus for my nose, I'd even say it's a little more youthful than the original Aventus. It's really good and, personally, I like it better than the original version of Creed Aventus without cologne.

However, what I do smell, for Creed fans, is a much more familiar presence than Creed's signature musk, which establishes a warm base. A co-worker told me that they actually preferred this one to Aventus and that it's a pleasant scent, however, I would personally say that it's no better than Aventus. I think that what Creed got wrong, and that's where a lot of the negativity of Aventus Cologne comes from, is the expectation. I love using it after the shower (where I use Aventus soap, which complements it perfectly) and also after shaving with Athus soap; that combination makes it come to life beautifully.

The Aventus cologne is so pretty, incredibly good, it's soft but masculine, and it conveys everything good about Aventus while avoiding being too daring. Aventus and Aventus For Her fans always knew that there was something special at the center of their scents. Now, it's all in one completely irresistible package, a new modern classic. I've only smelled Aventus, Milliseme Imperial and Virgin Island Water, so I can't talk to all the creeds, but this is my favorite versatile creed.

Aventus Cologne is the perfume with which I have received the most compliments, much more than Aventus or Chanel Bleu EdP. It has the DNA of Creed Aventus, without a doubt, but on my nose it's fresher, it has notes of leather, pepper that mixes well and I love smoky drying. For me, Aventus Cologne smells like a mix of a classic scent (Versace Pour Home, ADG, etc.) modernized with a touch of aventus. I totally agree with other critics who say it smells like Creed combined elements from Versace Pour Homme and the original Aventus.

It will be interesting to see if it causes me the same nasal fatigue as Aventus. In fact, I don't use Aventus that often for this reason.