How to sell perfume in dubai?

In addition to a perfume business license from the Department of Economic Development, any Indian investor needs to have a few more documents to set up a perfume business in Dubai. Your company's registration certificate. There are numerous advantages for foreign businessmen, businessmen and investors to open a perfume business in Dubai. In addition, the variety of perfumery products available in Dubai is unparalleled compared to other fragrance outlets.

Some areas that offer facilities for the establishment of perfume manufacturing units include the Dubai Free Zone and the Jebel Ali Free Zone. Dubai is a popular tourist destination, and customers from all over the world come here to find their favorite perfume brands. There are no universally agreed groupings; nor are there any rules on categorization other than common sense and belonging to a perfume if it smells like the last perfume in the category. In the past, the traditional method of producing perfumes by hand and selling it in the local market was common in Dubai.

Approval and licensing methods are cost-effective and well-defined, making it easy to set up a perfume business in Dubai. If you are a foreign investor, you should calculate the cost of launching a new perfume company in Dubai.