How many perfumes does calvin klein have?

Designer Calvin Klein has 185 perfumes in our fragrance base. Some of the brand's most popular fragrances include Calvin Klein Obsession, CK One and Eternity for Men. A world leader in fashion and design, Calvin Klein has been a well-known name for more than half a century. Based in Manhattan, New York, the Calvin Klein brand has expanded tremendously since its founding in 1968 to include cologne, perfumes, jewelry, accessories, eyewear and even Calvin Klein home furniture.

Calvin Klein is an American fashion brand founded by designer Calvin Klein, best known for its semi-formal fashion, high-end sportswear and men's underwear, popular with people around the world. His message of marriage and family was expressed through a beautiful ring design on the simple silver lid, inspired by the ring of eternity that Calvin Klein bought for his wife Kelly at the sale of properties owned by the Duchess of Windsor. Then, the launch of Calvin Klein Obsession in 1985, a fiery Ambrée that fused peach, spices, sandalwood, orange blossom, amber, musk, algae, vanilla, incense and much more, promoted by a tangle of naked (and beautiful) bodies, marked the beginning of a new era in “designer” perfumery, in which Calvin Klein fragrances have played such an important and innovative role. I feel like there are so many well-known and iconic scents in the Calvin Klein collection that it's easy to find myself repeating “iconic” over and over again.